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As many of you would know, JCube is finally open and the Olympic size rink is finally hereeeeeeee!!!

I was super excited like many of my skaters friends and we went crazy skating on the first week!
Some even went EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
Though people on my twitter thought I went every single day too!
Okay, I skated like 4 days out of the entire week, totaling up 12 hours!!! :X

It's even worse when there were this promo going on where the first 50 gets to skate free!
BLOODY HELL, the tickets were given out at 12pm? There were already queue going on at like 10am plus, talk about kiasu Singaporean ><

I am not going to say much but spam lots of photos!

My outfit for the first day, the subsequent days I gave up trying to wear something nice but comfy instead.
It was actually humid there? Think because it's kinda "open" since shops are surrounding it and the spotlight above are real hot.
It's like after 2 or 3 rounds you actually start to feel hot?
It gets worse when the rink is really BIG and so you spend a longer time finishing one round, so it's really tiring.
I compare it like, 5 rounds around The Rink @ Jcube = 8 rounds at Kallang? estimated.

Maggie and I
group photo
I am a little lazy to list out every single names from all the photos, the family just gets bigger and bigger and this isn't even all of them =.=

The sad thing about this THE RINK is that, they go by a 2 hours session system.
There are fixed timings/slots to join and there is a maximum capacity of 200 skaters per session, strictly followed.
Though I say the management there are really nice? They are polite and they respect you as an individual and not judge whether you are rental skater, figure skater or hockey skater, they welcome all.

Incase you want to know what's the price list and time slots are like at THE RINK @ JCube, here is it.
Photos taken from their Facebook.

and because we were so damn kiasu, there are people who went at like 12pm to get the tickets for the 7pm slots, worrying they were be sold out.
It's really bad during the first week, especially the weekend.
3pm and the tickets for the entire are all sold out, fast or not?
Sad thing was that because there were other skaters too, from everywhere and anywhere, the Hockey skaters friends and family couldn't skate together at the same time slot.

If it's the old rink, you don't even need to specify any timings but just appear on the day itself, as most of them or us will just skate the entire day.

the family really do get bigger and bigger, a lot of old skaters came back, and I really meant old, you practically see different generations of people there.
Those who stopped skating when Fuji closed were back too!
YEP! I made lots of new friends too, Rictus and Ervin, just to name two.

and we went crazy doing stuffs like this too

Rictus, Me, Yinkwan and Edmund and the JCube cheerleaders in red behind us

We were all just practically crazy skating.
Now the rink is so near where I am staying, I think I will most likely skate often. At least once a week and make good use of the entire 2 hours there!
In the past I tends to like just sit there and talk most of the time instead of skating, wasting away the money and time there, and ta-dah skills 0. I practically learned and practice nothing.

This entire week I was busy and crazy learning and practicing my cross overs. 
Am really grateful for those who taught, guide and helped me.
It's really nice to be there when you know there are people who will help you, though there are still skaters who are really judgemental.
They judge you from your looks, your dressings, your friends, your skates and etc.
Sad to say I am not pretty or what, so I am really glad I do have friends who don't even care about those factors and taught me just because we were friends.

I am really happy to see all my friends there, seriously.


The rink is build to be surrounded by shops and such so people can just crowd around and look in.
I really swear I do see people out there just standing or siting there the whole day looking at people skate or those pervert hentai guys/uncles etc TAKING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF PEOPLE, obviously the girls too.

You don't even dare to do anything crazy much and stupid, if there's someone who took a picture and post on stomp I won't even be surprised.

Joyce and I
Papa Al and I
Good news, tonton finally bought his skates at the skates shop there, and I think it's really worth it?
He got it as $299.
It's a pair of the entry level, but of the better one, like top of the entry level.
Plus skates are like differentiate by sizes too, so there are like senior and junior sizes? (Let's just ignore kids sizes, which are obviously even cheaper?)

Take your normal shoe size as comparison, (hockey skates measurements are different from your normal shoe size and it differs from brands too)
Junior Size goes up to like around size 7 and Senior size are beyond that.
So, of the same shoe, the price for Junior Size can be like $20 to even $100+ cheaper than the Senior size, which is depending on brand, series, and the level.
I don't even know how to describe for you.

So $299 for a Senior size is really cheap, plus, it's really troublesome to ship skates in.
Shipping fees are killer plus we can't even ship them straight from US and have to use VPost which is like double shipping fees, so MEHS.
Might as well get it from the shop? You can like try it out on the spot too, and get to know what size fits you better.

Technically speaking I should wear a 4.5 hockey skates size but am currently wearing a 3.5.
The skates measurements are slightly lower than you normal shoes so I am happy cause my feets seems.....WAY SMALLER.
Oh that Cally is bloody hell wearing a 2.5 -.-

The crew people went to skate too so it's really fun, more and more people get tempting to get to the ice and start skating!!!

Oh, I fell, not really badly, but it was still bad.
I am so not feeling to skate on weekend because of this incident.

I am not trying to scare anyone here but people should still know and be careful on the ice!

There were kids running around, don't even know what's happening beside them, practically like their own house and playground.
It's really havoc out there, and since we are older we naturally had the responsibility to look out for them instead. It's like for our own sake too. I am very Serious down here.

So... there were this kid who slam into this two guys who "nicely" fell and they knocked over to Yinkwan who was standing nearby. 
The thing was, we were all standing at the corner not even skating or what, but just talking and chilling.
So when Yinkwan fell, I who were standing infront of her, got kicked by her skates too and I fell.
Since we were all so near to each other, we don't even have space to fall, so I kind of just land my back on her skates and my head landed lightly (thanks god) on the other side of the skates.
I LANDED ON THE BLADE to be exact, but I was really lucky. 
Hockey skates and the your normal figure/rental skates are really different, and in terms of blades....

This is a pair of hockey skates, the blades are shorter.
Plus it's like a curve, so no sharp point or anything.... while

The figure skates... their blades are longer, and the front are pointy, which is called "toe pick" that helps them with their spin and jumps.

That matter aside, so imagine, if I was to fell and land on a figure skates' blade, I practically have to go to A&E or something. The toe pick might just stab right through my skin into me. 
OMG The horror by just thinking and imagining it.
It wasn't bad, bad, but the impact did scare and shocked me?
There was abrasion which is healing now, and blue black.
It's really erm, black now, not totally black but more like a shade of dark red or something, just think towards having a bruise and blue black, yep.

People just be real careful yeah?

I got to know the people there too, it's like they can just recognize us, and just today I realise one of them was my primary school classmate.
I felt really bad cause I couldn't remember the guy at all but he could.
He said my face didn't change, which seems to be so sad cause I really hated how I looked last time. mehs.

ANYWAY, I really do love skating so much, so if any of you want to go skating with me just ask me along okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
Tweet me, FB me, msg me or whatever.
If I am free or what I will go skate with any of you!! HEHE


This is really sucha long post. omg. SORRY PEOPLE.

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