Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fisheye II first take

I don't think I have ever posted any of my photos I had taken with my Fisheye II.
The roll of film was like in the camera for very long and I have only developed it at least one year later.
That's a bad, bad, bad example.

Anyway, I am going to just spam the photos I developed, though many were spoilt but at least I managed to get a few out. :D

The above photos were from YUNNAN and that's was during 2010 in JULY. 
Have really neglect the camera much :(

and the others were taken here and there since I need to finish the roll before I could develop it.

I still have one roll of 120 in Yinkwan's Diana and a 35mm in mine.
That's two rolls to go.

I have yet to really research and look up on what films I should use and such.
Then again it's lomo, I should just shoot and see what's out later.
There's still like a few more expired film and some other lomo films I have yet to use.

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