Monday, March 12, 2012

ZOO trip again

School is starting soon, technically today but I got no classes on, I should most prolly blog my backlot before I forgot about them and get too busy!

I went to the ZOO again!! It's like the 2nd time in a year!
There was a 1 for 1 promo going on plus Duval never been to the ZOO in Singapore too.
Plus, his bro is in Singapore for a not so surprise suppose to be surprise visit.
So, some of the classmates went together :)

Thanks Alfred for fetching us (Duval, Yosh and I) to the Zoo. I will most likely cab if we didn't have a car ride there.

We didn't go for any of the animals shows at all, just pure walking around the ZOO and look at ALLLLL the animals instead.
I think the time is spend better this way?

I practically didn't bother bringing my camera since all of the others were bringing plus Tonton brought his :X

le Duval and ME

Seriously can't wait for the River Safari to be completed so we can get to see the two PANDAS!!!
Can someone tell me what their names are, cause I seriously can't remember at all.

Not to mention, Night Safari which I have yet to finish walking the entire place.

Dee, me and Sam
the brothers.
Duval and Yosh

Freaking ZOO is like a maze or not, we were super hungry and it seems so farrrr to get to the KFC there.

tonton and Yosh
Okay, I was super tired and exhausted, I fell asleep in KFC @ the ZOO again after eating !
I came prepared this time from unglam shots, practically covered myself with the hoodie.

This little goat here was munching dried leaves outside the cage and was practically snacking them off my hand happily.

see this SPIDER
THIS STUPID SPIDER was climbing on Tonton's neck and face.
I was super freaked! It just climb, climb, climb and climb.

Okay, I love this place that we went.

The raccoons there were running freely and they weren't even a little afraid of humans at all, like totally used to us already.

Duval and I had fun looking at them playing with each other, taking photo with them and playing with them :)

They were like bouncing here and there chasing each other.
There are ducks there too, and one of the raccoon spotted a duck, and went to chase after it.
Poor duck couldn't stop quaking and running away from it.

It looked like it was posing with me haha.

 I was already half dead through out the place and couldn't wait to go home. L O L

This is what I would like to do.

The others headed home while Alfred send us (tonton, me, duval and yosh) to Jurong Point.
Meeting Jevon for dinner :)
I went home to put the stuffs down and went for a quick bath!

Wanted to go for L4D2 session but the computers were mostly booked so we went for pool instead.
YEAH! I finally learned how to properly play it.

Seriously exhausted, zonk out like some dead fish after that.


  1. it's really rare to see the tigers in singapore swimming. most of the time they are like lying there sun bathing!