Monday, March 12, 2012

Make it RIGHT for a BETTER RIDE!

Remember the jingle?

Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming!
The song was stuck in my head almost everyday when the jingle was up.

"We Keep Your World Moving" Facebook page has these posters up on their albums, and it's really meaningful so take a look at it.

This message in this particular poster talks about almost all the important stuffs on the MRT.
Singapore is small and thus public transport is very important to all of us and MRT is one of the most common transport that we take.
Even for me! I take it almost everyday to and fro to school, without it I will most likely cry walking or travel to school by bus or taxis.

I am really lucky as the stop I get on is at one of the end stations, thus the train will be most likely quite empty for me. However, it's also the most crowded station ever, Boon Lay.
The train is empty but the station is packed full of people!

I always hate it when I travel up the escalator to the platform and find groups of people crowding there waiting for the train.
There are so much space further down but people tends to just crowd near the escalator area.
Purely standing there instead of walking further down.

Moving inside the train is important as much as on the platform too!

There were times when I or people miss the trains because of this problems!
There are enough place to move down, PLUS, if you move down there were be seats too!
Why not make it a better trip for everyone? You and I?

I am one of those Kiasu singaporean who love to get a seat on the train too, it feels better to have a place to sit than to stand the whole trip, especially if you are traveling quite a distance.

Now with the gates installed, everyone have no choice but to stand behind the door as it's harder to cut in than before.
However, there is still the yellow lines for you to queue up at!

Even with the gates installed, there's still chance that you might fall in if the door is faulty or what.
Look at this photo from Stomp. The guy on top was standing so near to the gate and practically leaning on it. There might be chance that you will get caught by the door.

The yellow lines are there to guide people in and out of the MRT trains!
Isn't it irritating that people try to push their way in before you ever get out?
What if someone missed their stop because of irresponsible passengers?

We should just wait at the side and make our way through when everyone that need to exit had exited.
The train don't travel off that fast and there were be enough time for passengers to get in!

I think this is something what I called habit, if the parents can do it well and teach the next generation, and it will be passed on to the next, next generation and isn't it wonderful this way?

Getting in the train is another thing, people either tends to rush in to find a seat or just stay near the door so they can get out easily.
Walking in is only a few steps more and this will allow more passengers to get on!

I know everyone wants their personal space, even I do, however we should put ourselves in everyone's shoes too!
Maybe we should learn from Japan, hire a train pusher, push everyone in so the train is fully packed and everyone get to hop on and no one will worry about being too late for work/school/dates!

It's a little crazy though, HOW DO YOU EVEN BREATHE INSIDE!

Here's a video on the train pushers in Japan!

Letting up seats are very important too!
They are many cases, also as seen on stomp, that people especially youngsters tend to fake that they are sleeping or refuse to budge. 
There are seats specially cater for senior citizens, pregnant woman, handicaps etc. 
Even though there are seats catered but if we see any of this people we should just give up our seats!

There was a case my hand was bandaged and I couldn't grab the pole as I have to hold my stuffs with the other hand, so I was swaying to my sides.
Luckily the bf is there to hold on to me otherwise I might fly somewhere else.
No one actually gave up their seats for me and I wasn't really looking to sit down since it was a short trip.
The thing was, there was someone who gave up his seat to me instead! The sad thing was, he wasn't a singaporean at all! Looking at him, he should most likely be a construction worker instead!
Racism aside, they are actually the ones giving up their seats to people who need them more.
I was really thankful to that person.

Mummy had always been asking me to give up my seats to needy people since young, so I am really thankful to mummy for teaching me such a good habit and I think everyone else need to learn this too.

We should really learn from other countries too, they don't even sit down when there are a lot of seats as they know there were be elderly and needy that need the seats more than they do!

Why suffer throughout the ride and complain this and that, when everyone can just make a difference with such simple steps? 
It's our daily life, and with the thinking of making it a better ride, why not just do it instead of pure thinking?

It's like doing a good deed too!
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cheers :)

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