Friday, March 2, 2012

SMRT Makan Session @ Holland V

I was lucky to get to go for the Makan Session, but all in my mind was I am going to be alone there :(
Joyce signed up too but sad to say, she didn't get it.

Thank you SMRT and Nuffnang for giving me the chance to go!!
Presenting you SMRT Makan Session @ Holland Village with BongQiuQiu !!!

So, early morning on the 25th of Saturday, headed down towards Holland V to meet up with the others who were going.

It was awkward, for me.
It's kinda saddening to me that people came in groups or pair while I am all there alone, not knowing any one there.

There was this other girl there alone too, so we talked and accompany each other. Jane.

I was rushing out, kinda, so I didn't bring tonton's camera along and have to rely on my pathetic iPhone.
Am gonna steal photos here and there to post.

Had a group shot right below the MRT sign.

photo from KaMan
photo from Nuffnang
We headed towards 211 roof terrance

photo from Nuffnang
It was actually my second time there, the very first time was after graduation with the parents.
I do not remember how the food taste like or anything there other than the service, which I will talk about later.

qiuting taking orders

photo from Jane
With the entire stretch of us.

photo from Nuffnang

Got to know two other girls on the same table and realise they were there alone too.
KaMan and Cxindy.
That's her real name, I think the spelling is really cool.

Our table and a photo with Qiuting.
She is really nice and all, chatted and joked with everyone.

photo from Nuffnang

mushroom soup
It was kinda sad and a little -.- .
Obviously the place knew we were coming but they have limited sets for us to choose.

bread to go with the soup
and the bread came after the soup was served, I finished at least half of the soup already.
Not to mention, the butter only arrive when we finished the soup.

OH, and there was a worm in Cxindy's ice water, but the waitress took her reaction as a "I don't want it" instead of checking why.
She wanted a change actually, and we have to ask for another cup of water for her.

There was also the sprite incident which was a miscommunication.

Salad that Cxindy choose over the soup.
It was a little too "green" and the dressing was too sour.

Roasted chicken
Mine! Roasted chicken. The serving is HUGEEEE, like huge load.
There was like one serving of cheesy rice plus a serving of chicken. 
Obviously I couldn't finish them, but I know people like Tonton and Javen could. #foreverhungry 

Cxindy and KaMan had lamb which looks really nice.
They said the wedges were really crunchy.

photo from Nuffnang

photo from Nuffnang
Some of what the others had, Salmon and Pasta.

Followed by dessert! (The one shown on the photo of the menu)

lemon meringue tart
Was really glad that instagram did me well :)

Overall, the food was really nice.  Big portion, good combination, delicious. 
*Thumbs up* I really liked it and wouldn't mind eating more, IF, my stomach works like a black hole or a vacuum.

Handed out goodies bags to us and we had a quiz on SMRT Circle Line.

photo from Nuffnang
photo of Nuffnang
everyone busy answering the quiz
I have to sit the circle line MRT almost everyday to school, so erm yes, I knew the answers to them, somehow.

SO YEAH! I won!!! 

photo from Nuffnang
It's a book called " The End Of Char Kway Teow" by Dr. Leslie Tay a.k.a ieatishootipost !!
It's really thick and the first page I flipped to was the Crabs section.
Talk about coincidence, Duval and the others were talking about crabs days ago.

Had photo taking session afterwards.

photo from Nuffnang.
Group photo

instax from Jane

with Jane
with KaMan 
photo from Cxindy 
with BQQ
with the very nice Nuffies
and a random elephant.

This is what we had in the goodie bag

It was fun and it's really nice to make new friends plus eating good food.

Food was 4/5
Place 4/5 I really like the ambient but it's a really stuffy outside, I was practically sweating like crazy.
Service 2.5/5
Sorry, but even from the first time I went there, I didn't think the service was great.

Once again, thank you Nuffnang and SMRT!

On a side note, here's the book


  1. I want that lemon meringue tart!!!

    1. to be honest, the meringue tart ain't that nice, the meringue part. the lemon tart part is quite okay :D