Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meeting up with friends

I am consolidating my posts.
Met up with the DVFX classmates during CNY and 4E girls when they were back in Singapore.


I really hated MRT on that day cause I was practically stuck inside and the train wasn't really moving fast either.
It kept on stopping in between stops and from a half an hour ride turned one hour.
Needless to say, I was late.

They were almost done when I reached so I ordered something small instead.

Had dessert afterwards with SzeHui which we crapped quite a little and then she send me home.
Thanks for the rides since Poly days.

4E girls

Surprisingly I was the first one to reach. Vanda slept in.
Had lunch at VivaVox Cafe over at where suping is working at.

Ordered the weekly special
Food was really nice and thanks nom that we went there a little earlier than lunch hour.
The entire place was fully packed.

this is NATALIE
what suping and vanda ordered
what Natalie ordered

Didn't really stay long, bought some ti-bits and headed down to school afterwards to check on my renders.

Shall end the post with the instax we took.

with vanda, suping and natalie

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