Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Late Night Thoughts and ravings

Human nature is what brings racism, prejudices, bias and such.
The movie which I was today really taught me lots about being human.
Shall just post it at a later post with the movie review.

Right now it's the second week of school and somehow I am already stressing myself out.
It's not even the workload or anything but the thought of it. 
How I should get rid of my bad habits and stop delaying.
Disappointed in myself when I give in to temptation so easily.

Have yet to change my body clock and still sleeps late at night.
Technically, early in the morning.
I get tired easily, always yawning and dozing off easily.
I can practically fall asleep in between Boon Lay to Lakeside if you get how long the distance is.

School isn't hell but the thought of graduating in merely 6 months is.
I have yet thought of what I want properly.
What's the goal of life and what do I want to do out of it.
Where is my direction and where should I go.
What company are there for me and how's the portfolio gonna to be.

There's so many questions and wonders in my mind and I practically went crazy.
I get irritated so easily, migraines attacking.
Sleeping late doesn't help any.

All I want to do now, other than going to bed, is to
get a cup of of tea, preferably Earl Grey,
with some cookies or pastries to go with,
sit by the window or in a garden, 
reading my book or doodle something.
Away from this world where people stresses each other and themselves.
Where the societies make us live like we are dead,
make us work like there isn't tomorrow,
and how the world is going to end during the end of the year. 


  1. you make the society, if you don't change the society will never change!

  2. you might need take an holiday

    Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash. Find the info in my blog

    1. yeah maybe, after I graduate from school. It's my last sem!! that's why I am scaring myself and stressing out haha