Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Not Naughty

Just a little short post before I forgot everything that happened.

Sometime back in January, I won a pair of tickets to "We Not Naughty" screening.
Thanks to Churp Churp.

Was really glad to find out that Joyce won the tickets too.

This was what I wore that day.
Was suppose to co-odinate with Joyce and wear maxi dresses together.
However, Mr Tonton was under dressed since he came to school and it's really weird to wear a maxi dress beside him.

with Joyce

The casts and Director Jack Neo were there too, gave us a little talk before the movie starts.

The movie was long, I teared, butt hurts, but overall it wasn't that bad.
Oh, it was hilarious too, like every other of his movie.

with Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee

with Jack Neo
Lighting was really bad at that place so the photos quality is really mehs.

Went separately afterwards and Tonton & I went for dinner.
Settled down at Burger King to realise Joyce went to Burger King for dinner too, but at the other branch.

Need more movies. It doesn't help when the GV over at JP is under renovation now and will only be completed in May. 

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