Monday, February 27, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Finally blogging about Chinese New Year 2012.
A little different from every other years of CNY as this year I went visiting with Tonton.

It's like ever since my paternal grandma died, my father's side do not have any visiting to do but a dinner or lunch meet up instead, and normally it only happens at a later date.
So, I was super free on the first day of CNY and went visiting over to Tonton's side.

reunion dinner with parents :) Steamboat my fav
Every year we ate steamboat for reunion dinner and it's always love. 
With the scenarios of parents and I complaining how full we are and yet we continue to stuff them down the throat.

Day 1 of CNY

Outer layer from Joyce's open house sales
Inner tank top from Jurong Point's cart shop years ago
Belt and skirt from Joyce's open house sales. 
Leopard print bag from Joyce's open house sales. 
Okay, even the headband is from Joyce -.-

with tonton
steamboat dinner @ tonton's place

Le puppy and parrot at his aunt's house.

Tereo, tonton's nephew is adorable. Too bad I didn't snap a photo with the little boy.

CNY Day 2
Practically all the new clothes are from Joyce's sales la.

Visited Cally first since I was around the corner and we were still early.
So I pop by her house and had STEAMBOAT for lunch.

with Louisa
with cally
Rushed down to grandaunt side afterwards and we headed to our cousin's new flat.
It's spacious and comfy.

my niece :)
my cousins; yinru and peirong
cousin yongming
cousin YCY
Headed for dinner afterwards to Boon Tong Kee @ Ang Mo Kio where the little girl finally smiled for the camera!

niece, cousin in law rachel, yinru and me
It's like our routine to hang out afterwards, which is normally either K session or movie.
Thanks for the cousins for the treat, it's good to be the youngest, CAUSE YOU GET PAMPERED :X

I practically shivered
It was so damn cold for goodness sake, I was glad I brought my scarf along and partyworld rents out jackets.

with yinru
My 2012 CNY. The family version