Thursday, March 1, 2012

CNY steamboat with the friends.

Since don't know when, every other year we had steamboat during CNY over at my house with the skating friends.
The clique changes with people in and out and there's my ICE ACHIEVEMENT darlings to add on this year.

Stuffs happened and such so only Cally and Jake came from the other side.

Jake was the first one to arrive and make a mess in my room with his balloon sculptures.
The bursted balloons and it's pieces were lying everywhere on the floor of my room.

Headed to NTUC after tonton reached and started shopping for ingredients.
We didn't really need much as there were really lots of left over from the CNY reunion steamboat, what we mainly need was MEAT and more MEAT.

If I didn't remember wrongly, we bought 3 packets of MEAT to feed the 8 of us, which was actually not enough.

Andrew popped by when we were preparing food ALONE.
Everyone thought he will come together with Maggie and the others.

There wasn't much to be honest but the meat and it's marinating sauce was the main point of everything.

We kinda started eating first while waiting for the others to arrive.

cally and jake
andrew and tonton
Meat was love as you can see a cropped face of my unglam shot here.

with jake

tonton, kelvin, maggie and katie
The others were finally here and we can all eat happily.
Thank you Kelvin for washing the dishes.

They watched Soccer, played iPad and more iPad.

this is what happened when you block their view while watching socceerrrrr

And we have our phototaking session again!

tonton setting up the camera and tripod

Happy friends make happy me :)
House parties are the best!

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