Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of Year 2 Sem 1

I am finally free!!!
From all those school works that I have been rushing and rushing.

Managed to rush everything out and get them done.
Submitted everything and now I can finally relax.

I haven't been updating much and been really zombie-fied recently.
There is so much stuffs that I really wanna do that I wasn't able to over the past two to three months.
Assessment is finally over and now my TO DO list is getting even longer, but first, I need to get some spare cash otherwise I can only purely think about them only.
- Karaoke
- Ice Skating
- Zoo/Night Safari Trips
- More Movies
- Korean BBQ
- Baking

People can just feel free to ask me out, and I will if I got the time and money!!!
Sponsors are welcomed too :X *coughs*


I think I will just briefly stated what happened over the past 3 months that I haven't been blogging, so I can actually keep a memory too.
To read anytime I want and to think back the good times :)
Remembering how Jelly will say it's "reading storybook" HAHAHA.

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