Tuesday, February 21, 2012

December 2011 Christmas updates

I am way back dated.

December is a month of joy and sharing and loves, not forgetting THE BIRTHDAY month.
It's the Christmas month and the hangout month.
Blogged about the birthday so I am summarizing the others.

My life was mainly just revolving around, family, school, le bf, Ice Achievement and Plaza peeps.

Christmas Party 2011 at the home.
I was almost down that few days and then I really got sick, like every other end of year.

I actually had two little "parties" during Christmas?
Christmas Eve with the ICE people <3

It was full of bullshit, sushi, gift exchanging, photo taking, movies and such.

Had this voucher that I bought and so we decided to have a sushi dinner and used up all of the sushi coupons!

the amount of sushi we had.
We were randomly doing stuffs, the guys were very much happy to "open" my birthday present and went through my Diana F+ set.

and photo taking with my girls.

katie, maggie and me
and the polaroids I took that day.

Top (from L to R) with andrew, derek, katie
Bottom (from L to R) maggie, tonton and kelvin
We watched Home Alone, seriously fitting in the Christmas feeling, childhood movie, reminiscing the days when we were still young and "friendly".
No matter how many times I watch it, it's still super damn funny.

Gift exchange is the must too.

Exchanged presents!
Unwrapped with our presents :)

Poor Derek, trolled by our dear Katie.
So, our budget was from $8 to $12 and dear girl Katie bought a calculator.
She was still saying how Derek shouldn't get the thumb drive as it's useless or something.
Then, the both of them got each other presents.
It was super hilarious for god's sake.

And so poor Katie got pokes by us all that day.


Christmas was another "partying" day for me too, not that crazy, and little tone down, I was sickly too.

Had the ESDAA peeps over for a little gathering at my house.
We didn't really take any photos but just sitting there with movie, HOME ALONE 2.
HAHAHA, yes I wanted to watch the 2nd movie very badly too.

Weeteng baked cookies for us, and I just eat them like I wasn't falling sick or what.
Was spamming 100 plus the entire day just to boost the sugar and such because of the bad migraine.

We headed to Jurong Point for dinner after movie as some of them live really far from my house, like Weeteng for example.

Waited for Yong Hui to come and to find out that she came along with DUVAL.
That guy told us he was busy and had guest at his house that day, yet appeared with YongHui not notifying any of us. How evil.

As you can see, the present exchanging was mainly FOOD. That's what always on our mind, FOOD.

finally a weeteng that is willing to smile to the camera
ruiting and her food
Headed back home with tonton, alfred, yong hui and duval.

trolling him
They wanted to stay longer but transport was all gone, and I was sick so alfred send them home instead.

Christmas, the parties, the presents, the food.....

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