Friday, February 3, 2012

the EARTH like a blue marble

The Earth like a blue marble by NASA.

NASA managed to take a super HD photo, which is a composition of a few images, of our mother Earth.
It's really pretty so I am here sharing.

You can view the actual thing on their Flickr @

and this explains how they composite the above photo.

However, isn't it kinda sad looking at this photo?
You see land, yes, but how many of it is green?
Talk about global warming, this is why the Earth is dying and the world is coming to an End.
We neglect the world, our mother Earth and we are actually the real killer of this world bringing the end closer to us by our own hands.
Stop pollution, stop green house effect, make the world a better place, for us, for the next generation and for you as a person living in this blue marble.

Take a look at this next photo, and you will get what I meant.

The above was taken by NASA on 11.07.2002

Just merely 10 years, and the Earth changes so much, where are the green land that I am seeing here.

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