Friday, February 3, 2012

Transformers : The Ride

Backlog. Photos heavy

Went to Universal Studios sometime during December with mum, aunt and cousin as a birthday treat from cousin peirong.

Actually this is my 3rd going and I have yet to sit all the rides and visit all the attractions.
Though I managed to sit those that I wanted to already.
My main purpose this time there was to take photos with the mascots and sit the TRANSFORMERS RIDE! Oh, and visit Madagascar area.

me, mum, winnie woodpecker, aunt, peirong
Woody woodpecker ran away before it's our turn so we were left with winnie ><

me, po, peirong

We went to see Monster Rock, a rock musical.
Didn't had a chance the first two time, and I practically enjoyed it.
The dracula....... quite good looking :X

We had lunch at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor @ "New York"
Really love those thin crust pizza, the best one I ever had was still the one at Clarke Quay, the impromptu one when we got randomly hungry and not know what to do.

charlie chaplin, me


To be honest, other than playing all the rides and visiting all the attractions, Universal Studios is all about taking photographs.

me, betty boop
Remember taking this, half way through lunch. I abandon the pizza and went to queue for it.

Battlestar Galactica
I can't really remember what we did that day, but Battlestar Galactica was a must.
I only went to one this time since I was in the "about to be sick" mode and I have been on one of them already.
I am just fulfilling my "dream" to finish all the rides, at least one, and I am very happy about it already.
This time, we sat on the CYLON first. It's the one with all the turns, turns, turns.
Seriously, lots of turns and it's one roller coaster ride that I can feel the 360 degree turn.
I was holding on to my specs so tightly that my arm was red from grabbing the protective gear.

bumblebee and me :)
Optimus Prime, me, peirong
mini prime and me
Practically chiong over to take photo with mini prime from the other side of USS during the allocated time.

and yes, yes! We went to sit the TRANSFORMERS RIDE!

photo taken from WIKI
You will be wondering whether the queue will be damn long since it's a new ride? Okay, at least that's what I wondered.
I even prepared to queue for an hour or so just to get on this ride.

They got this single player queue there, actually I highly recommend you to queue here if you are not the "oh, I die die wanna sit with friends/gf/bf/family"
I mean, you still go through the ride individually though you are just sitting right beside your companions. So why not queue for a faster and shorter queue?
They will just slot you in whenever there are free slots, which they normally do.
We saved at least half an hour or so just with this single player queue.
So we practically start queueing for the single player queues for the other rides too.

Love the ride, though it gave me some motion sickness from it, since I was siting on the first row.
It's not just your normal 4D simulation ride, it moves and travel along a pathway, so it's not just there stagnant and moving on the spot.
It's like a ride moving to different screen and then the carriage moves up and down and such.
The sad thing for me is that you have to wear the 3D specs and I am wearing my own spectacles.
I always hated these kind of scenarios and that's why I don't really go for 3D movies.

Anyway, just youtube if you wanna see how's the trailer like.

Madagascar statues plus mummy and I
We went to sit the Madagascar ride, and it was kinda disappointing for me.
The queue was long but it was moving real fast so it's okay.
Peirong wasn't feeling well so she opt out the ride and only mummy, aunt and I sat it.

It was like those normal "going through a world" ride for me.
Like you sit on the boat and then you move through a some sort story book like scenarios?

I have never been on it before during the 1st 2 times at USS and I don't think I will go on it again.

Afterwards I kinda spend my time walking around alone, as peirong went to queue for the other battlestar and I brought mummy and aunty to visit some of the attraction shows.
I was more towards of taking photographs instead since I have been on most of the rides.
Practically just looked after all their bags while going round taking photos.

me and "I seriously still don't know what's her name is"
marilyn monroe and me
the Mummy people and me

This was, erm, funny.
It was drizzling and mummy made me wear the poncho she brought along, so I took a photo for keepsake.

Damn sad that the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure was down for construction, and this is one ride that I don't mind going on for a few times.
The last time I sat on it was with the YOG peeps and I was preparing to get wet, like real wet, and yet only a few drops of splashes :(

Sat on the "Canopy Flyer", a little roller coaster more suitable for kids actually.
Memorable. We were queueing on the single player queue and behind us was this group of family from Indian I assume.
I am not being racist down here or what, but they couldn't stop perstering the workers there to let them get on the ride?
Yes, the single player queue is faster but it's still not the PIORITY queue, we only get slots whenever available.
It make it worse explaining to them when they only speak in their mother tongue.

Next, since I was at the single player queue, I got slot in with this group of girls, and it's actually a 2 by 2 sitting arrangement. The girl beside me was so scared to the extend that she practically grab my hand right when the ride started moving. Like, IMMEDIATELY.
She was screaming non stop and I had to comfort her that it's not scary at all.
She practically went crazy screaming and I went crazy laughing, not at her but the entire scenario actually.

Always wanted to watch the Waterworld show and my luck ran out again.

That's kinda all to my USS trip, I don't think I will be going there again anytime soon unless they revamp the entire place, keep my favourite rides and change the others.
Ain't that rich enough to spend more than $70 to go in again.


  1. Waaaah! You're so lucky to be able to go there 3 times! I haven't even been there once. :(

    Must save money liao! *determination* :D

  2. haha, I count myself lucky and I know I shouldn't complain but the first two times that I went, only half the park was open... it was either still renovating or constructing, and the 2nd time was the halloween event so we can't even sit most of the rides there.

    jiayou!!! wait for some promotion or something!!!
    save up at least $100 , the food there not that cheap compared to outside, but you can always go out of USS to find food and go back again, but not really worth the time. Everything at RWS are expensive :(

    go on the non peak days n it will be cheaper too :)