Sunday, January 8, 2012

Donation and Charity

Went dinnering at Jurong Point with the parents today, and went pass a donation drive.
I did not really stop to take a look, but it was for the needy children and such according to their posters and banners.
So, I just told my mum how we should make a donation.
It isn't something great for us, but it really do make a big different for them?
Perhaps going to the temple every Sunday when I was young do instill some virtue in my life, like doing charity work and such.

Well, we didn't.
My mum actually said no.
She isn't the kind that normally will say no to charity and donation, instead asking me to be generous to it.
What she actually said actually makes me feel back for the people, and worse, the country.

"You do not know whether they are real or not, and even they are real, they might eat the money."

This is how bad it got and how it affects our thinking.

Remember those days when charity and donation drives were very common, and people are very generous and supportive about it?
Then, came all the problems and troubles where you see and hear news about how the higher ups "eat" the money and use it for their own sake.

It's not only the government based organisations, and not to be racist, both the christians and buddhists organisations faced the same situation.
Am not going to side anywhere even though I am born and grew up going to temples.

CHC, and the Renci Hospital are both cases that got very serious.
Worse till, the temple that I have been to? It's kinda link to Renci or something, I remember seeing Ven. Ming Yi giving talks and speeches in my temple?

It got really worse with the media reports?
I mean, yeah, they are in wrong, they are the one using OUR money for their own purpose.
Hate them, blame them, but don't blame the entire organisation because of them.
Think of the needy that need their help, think of how they rely them to survive and to live.

Just because of them, people start shunning off, and stop supporting the charity and donation drives.
It became very obvious when the amount of donations raised decrease in such a huge amount before all this happens.
People stop trusting them, and stop supporting, thus affecting the needy in needs.

What I think might not make any sense to some people out there, and there might be people who will think how fake I am or something.
I don't really care.

I feel bad for the people, and for the country.
Our country, Singapore, is so small, and so many cases actually repeatedly happened.

With the recent pay cut off the government, they should really make good use of them and use it for charity cause.

Look at the post from 9gag. YEAH, why is it like that.

Isn't it saddening?

Is there still love, care and concern in this world?

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