Saturday, January 14, 2012

21st Birthday PRESENTS :)

Yes, I love being showered by presents and gifts, I mean, who don't right?
It's even better when it's the 21st Birthday :)

This is gonna be the last post of my 21st Birthday?
I managed to get most of my presents already?
I think.... lacking Alicia's only.

Anyway, I am gonna just spam photos and quotes from who and who, since I have already tagged and thanks them on facebook ^^

This mouse is from my ICE ACHIEVEMENT people.
They know I needed a mouse so they got it for me, but sad to say,
I am not using it well and it's not really convenient for me to model with :(
BUT! Thank you people.

From poly mates, Arisa and Guili,
I badly need massage session right now.

The angbaos from the aunts and Dee + Leonard :)

Cure Aqua gel from beebeejiejie
I am using it well, and scrimping on it.

This is one of my most expensive birthday gifts.
From da jie benny and jiayan.
The bloody stone is real!!!!!!
Dajie has yet to pass me the ring box though ><
Love the two of them lots,  9 years of friendship and still counting :)

The "ugly" cat from Cally which I named as Cally II.
It's been sleeping beside every night ever since I got it.

From the cousin, chengyu and yinru.
Super bright and striking pink kate spade wallet.
Actually I love the design, but the color really shocked me when I opened it.
Will use it for CNY 2012.

iPhone cover from Duval with his leopard print jokes on me.
I am already using it since the current cover broke apart.
Seriously, the leopard print came in this syntactic fur texture, that I can't stop touching.

The joke of the present.
Eddie and family got me this cookie monster toy for KIDS.
Okay, so you grab those cookies and than you feed it.
It will start singing n such.
Irritating cute.

phone cushion? from Emilia.
I have not yet to use it, but just putting it there, cause it's damn cute.

present from Karina.
Shall use your phone cover when duval's leopard print is spoil.
Will use the masks well too :)

Box of yarns from Kiriko :)
Hooray for knitting

This dog is currently sleeping beside the bed now. HAHA
I actually got mixed up who gave me this, but the only person left is P-Jie.

complimentary tickets to the zoo, from Daniel and Olivia, but sad to say they were wasted in the end.

My dear parents gave me my 21 years old "key" from Tiffany & Co.
Mum is still saying how it's not worth it to buy this particular one in silver, and how we should get the gold one instead, cause it's more worth it.

USS trip from cousin Peirong.
This is going to have a post on it's own.

Starbucks card from the Plaza people, yes I am still drinking.
There is still more than 50% left.

From Ruiting and Amelia,
seriously need more instax films.

From Sherlin and Darian,
the photo album is currently almost half full.

My 2nd Birthday present from tonton <3
the lomography diana F+ set <3
I swear the guys had more fun unwrapping it than me.

Ah boy waine brought this, and I brought it to MBS and chalet trip.

from Weeteng and Sam.
weeteng lied to give this surprise.

This japanese eraser DIY making kit from yilin.
shall play with it during the sem break.

from yonghui, the fellow sample lover.
more masks <3

Big Bang chocolate from Precious.
How could I bear to eat them.

chocolate eggs from Jinkee.
I finished both boxes, 6 eggs and sad to say, I got 4 of the same toy. Damn

Lastly, my camera from Alfred.
waited for it like crazy.

That's it.
Seriously, I feel really blessed to have all of them, and how the friends turned up for my party.
It show a lot, to just appear there.
Thank you very much my friends and family.

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