Saturday, January 7, 2012

CRAZINESS & giftaway

Survive this post and the gift away is below.

I knew I was crazy over manicure/pedicure/nail polish, but I didn't know I actually have this much of "property" at home, which is increasing over time.

Took them for keep sake purpose, and it's one way for me to check which color and shades I have, so I won't get duplicates, AGAIN.

There are still people out there way crazier than me, but I wasn't expecting this from, myself.
Presenting you, Cookie's property of nail polishes.

nature republic x3
pa x3
pasar malam x4
O2 skin X3
MAC x4
pasar malam X3
sasa x2
tony moly x1
cineleisure x1
daiso x1
nature republic x1
I called the above, the "randoms"

missha x4 (in Singapore)
missha x3 (in Korea)
I still remember, the time when I went to Korea, I went crazy.
The missha nail polishes there were sold at 1,000 won each.
Which is roughly S$1 if you round up at that time, 2007?

With the exchange rate now, I think it would be S$1.30? or something.
IF, they still sell it at 1,000 won each.
It's still freaking cheap.

pasar malam x2
thailand x2 (cracks)
etude house x3
etude house x1 (cracks)
The two shattered/cracks bottle I bought from Thailand were the first two bottles of cracks I ever purchased. 
It's cheap, and it really works.

Holika Holika X5

Holika Holika x6

I can't remember how much were those, but they are way cheaper than those sold in Singapore.
Precious got them for me in Korea since she is studying there.
So, I practically went crazy choosing.

China glaze x4 (cracks)
O.P.I muppets series x4
O.P.I top and base coat X3
O.P.I x1
O.P.I x2 shattered
I seriously think I misplaced 1 or 2 O.P.I and china glaze shattered, cause I remember having other colors.

Got these from smoochiezz. (both china glaze and O.P.I)

You know what's bad for the wallet?
1. Their warehouse is just at IMM area which is less than 30 mins away from my home.
2. They are having a space here at Jurong Point now, which is ONLY 5 MINUTES or lesser away from my home!

They are freaking cheap.
Like $8 - $10?
Their OPI costs from $8 for normal, $10 for shatter...

Don't ask me about imitation or fakes.
Seriously speaking, I do not know.
The nail polishes works fine as any expensive/legally O.P.I/ China Glaze I ever tested outside.
To me, it's the same.

Anyway, I am getting more since it's just freaking opposite my house.
I love shattered and cracks, so mehs.

jurong point x5

jurong point x8

jurong point x6
Okay, the above 3 are what turned me crazy recently.
I got them off a cart shop @ Jurong Point.
They are only $1 each, LIKE SERIOUSLY CHEAP right?

Some people will comment on how cheap $1 nail polishes are lousy and such.
I tested, they are not!!!!!!!! 
They are quite fine for $1 polishes, and am able to paint my nails with them, SMOOTHLY.
Which really makes it worth it?

Anyway, it's ONLY 1 BUCKS!

the entire family
So, the entire family of my nail polishes, but I doubt that I win Cally, cause she is crazier than me.

I will make sure I tweet you the link to this post so you can read it.

ANYWAY PEOPLE, I tends to buy duplicates.

So, here is the giftawayyyyyyyy!!!!

Even though two of them only cost like $1 each, but they are brand new and it's really not that bad.
Am being extra nice, so postage included, for Local only (Singapore).

Kindly drop me a comment here or in my tagboard or my twitter or fb if you want them?
Will pick one person randomly with the online generator, on erm, 15th Jan 2011, 12.00am?

Please include your name and email so I can contact you!!!

the 2 $1 each nail polish
Ps. Am gonna throw in the extra BRAND NEW O.P.I base coat as well since I have two of it, and the other one is only 1/4 used.

Pss. I might throw in extra little stuffs if I am in a good mood :)


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