Wednesday, January 4, 2012

House Sales

So, Joyce had her house opened for MEGA CNY SALES.
Stocks are mainly from her uncle's shop, clearance purpose.
They are sold really cheap, from $5 - $35.

I went over today this afternoon after class, and went crazy shopping.
Was really very lazy to try on clothes, but who can resist those pretty clothes staring at you ya.

Her house was practically turned into a mini shop.

I practically spend $90 there, but now I think about it.
I spend most of the time talking to Joyce's Mum than shopping and browsing the shop.
Yes, Joyce's mum and not Ah Joy.
I mean, her mum is young for goodness sake, she had joyce when she was only 22.
So, her thinking matches us more, so it's really nice to talk to her.
Of cause it's nice to talk to Joyce too, but she need to serve the customers too.

I was KO-ed when I reached home, and decided to camwhore with the clothes after I bathe.
Wrong decision, cause it's really hot.

Here are my loot.
Short Sleeve Jacket
Okay, the skirt is really a steal, I can't really remember the price much, but the tag is still there for this.
It's only 6 BUCKS.
The quality is good too, I swear.
I spend at least 5 minutes trying to think which shade of the jacket I should get.

leopard print bag, goes along to my iPhone cover
Leopard print jacket
Shorts with Belt
The prints of the Jacket
Leopard print ftw. 

3/4 track pants, yeah I need to exercise already
Close up of Blazer

2 layers Dress
The photo don't make the dress any justice.
anyway, if you can see it, from the bottom of the dress, it's two layered.
I don't think I will wear it for CNY anyway, cause it's black and muamie will most likely nag.
I really like it though, it's nice and comfy to wear, and Joyce called it the " 睡衣 “ literally PJs

close up of belt and dress
AND YES, cookie is starting to buy dresses for CNY.
It's not like I don't wear dresses, but I normally choose getting shorts and skirts over dresses.
Then again, people taste changes over the years, and that includes dressings sense.

Floral Dress

Maxi Dress
This is a steal too. She sold it at $10.

I am putting this photo up for the sake of putting (the above)
I like it. so .....

fluffeh hair ties
This is only 90 CENTS my darlings. The bigger ones are at $1.30.

So, it's not bad right, $90 for the above?
Am going for more on Sunday.

So...... any girls wanna go and take a look?
Guys not allowed, strictly girls only.

Just Tweet me or SMS me or WADAPPS me or leave me a message in the dropbox.


Date of Sales :

Tuesday 03/01 , 2pm - 9pm
Wednesday 04/01 , 5pm - 9pm

Thursday 12/01 , 10am - 9pm
Sunday 15/01, 10am - 9pm [Last day]

Ps. Ah Joy, you should totally pay me for advertising for you.
:X am kidding ......

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