Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gelish Nails Day 0

Remember how last month my cousin brought me to help out her friend as a nail "model"?
Yep, I went back to help them again, this time helping them out with their new series of nail polish.

Nope, it's not NORMAL nail polish you see out there like OPI or CHINA GLAZE and etc?
GELISH = Gel Polish.

Some people might not know what is GELISH.
You know what is Gel extension? It's the same concept, just that you don't sculpt it for this particular one.
You practically use it like a normal nail polish, and it last even longer than one.
Though, there are quite a few steps you need to take, and you still need to have lamp to help you cure your gel.

HOWEVER, though it takes longer to do up your nails? you get a longer lasting set of nails!
What's more, with gelish, you can even do crazy nail art patterns with it like any normal nail polishes!

Thanks to PRINA and Chelsea for asking me, I managed to try it while helping them as trail.
Today, is DAY 0, am gonna blog about it everyday, as much as possible, so people and I can keep track of the quality of the gelish that was used on my finger.

This is the set of gelish that they used on me.
Angel Pro Gellish Polish and they come in many different colors and shades, like I say, like any normal nail polishes you can find.

Curious how it turns out to be like?

Tadah, see!! Even with gelish you can get pretty nail arts, or cute nails art like mine right above!
Isn't it beautiful and cute?

The nails are shinning happily right now and I absolutely love it!

You know what the horror of using normal nail polishes?
I do not have the fans at home, so I practically can't do anything after I applied them on, even with the quickdry Top Coat that I bought.
The outer coat might have been dry but the inner hasn't.
So, if you are careless, you might chip the nail polishes off, or in normal cases, "holes" appears and you do not know what to do, either to apply new layer or just remove everything.
It makes it worse when you decorated everything.

Gelish might be new to people out there, you might not catch the steps easily, but PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Do not have a lot of photos since my hand is way too busy.
I really had fun looking at the process of my nails painted, and even taking photos of the nails for them.

I need to protect my fingers nicely, I seriously think that it's damn ugly, with all the lines and such?

Okay, I am here to tempt you.

Currently PRINA, a.k.a The PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy, which is one of the few nail school in Singapore.
Not only they have classes to offer, they are selling the GELISH that they used on me!

photos credit to Prina

Look at all the beautiful shades they have! Especially the pastel looking one, yummy.

Angel Pro Gelly Polish PREORDER
with minimum 12 bottles purchased, you get to buy them @ $15 each!

Do not think this way,
" Oh, $15 only, sure fake one, outside they sell 30 plus 50 plus"

Oh, seriously, it's a different brand, it's on sales? PLUS, Singapore tends to overcharged things, right?
People, do you go "oh it's fakes one" when you see OPI on sales at $9 - $12 at flea market and etc?
No, you GRAB N GO.

So, why wait.
get it fast now!

Interested, please call PRINA @ 62201592/63481592
Or visit the school straight @ 
International Plaza #15-06 (tanjong pagar MRT station)
Monday - Friday 11.30am - 9.30pm
Saturday 11.30am - 6pm

Other than purchasing the gelish, do look out for their courses as well k?
They have short workshops and even diplomas courses.

They are going to have a Melody Nail art workshop sometimes in Feb, check it out kay :)

Visit them @

Follow them @pinkroomnails

Will be back for more photos and Day 1 of the nails tomorrow.

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