Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST: 2011.11.20 extensions

My cousin, peirong, brought me for some nail extensions :D

Apparently, her primary school mate is a manicurist, and was preparing for some nail competition at Korea at that point of time.
Thus, her friends and her needed some "nail models" to practice on, so my cousin brought me along.

Mine was acrylic extension and hers was gel french tip.
We practically sat there for 3 hours plus?
The limit for one hand was 80 minutes, thus 160 minutes for both.
Not including the shaping and cutting of my nails?

I had fun and glad that I went, cause I could never ever afford to pay for those at this point of my life.
So it's like a "sponsor" for me.
this was before she trimmed it down for me
and this belongs to my cousin

Was real hungry after that and got ourself dinner at citylink.
Peirong was going on saying she wanted to eat ramen and brought me to the shop she wanted to go to, and to realise it was actually PASTA not RAMEN that she was talking about. -.-

Food were so so only, but the dessert were a major disappointment.
Not only it was small, pricey, and awful tasting.

Not going to go back there anyway.
Pastamania's pasta taste better.

don't be deceived by it looks

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