Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.11.17 那些年,我们一起追的女孩


I finally went and watch this show, together with tonton and alfred @ JP.

This is one damn show that everyone was looking forward to watch.
Taiwan really made some god damn nice shows?
They should really show more of it here in Singapore, oh pretty please.

 It's your typical Taiwan high school love story, with a happy yet not ending.
They didn't got together in the end?
Still remains as good friends instead.
 It's the thoughts and the feelings they portrayed inside the show.

The funny parts of it just make the entire hall laughed out loud, I couldn't stop smiling and laughing throughout.
Yet, there were part that I felt touched, and teared a little, just a little.
I prepared tissue for the movie actually, and thought that I would have bawled my eyes out, but I didn't.

It wasn't that bad after all.
The real life love story of the director/author?
 It was a real different to the novel.
 It's like two separate stories I could say. I couldn't really get the feelings off the novel?
The passing phrase and chasing part are so different.
The hilarious parts in the movies are not there in the novel.

Personally, I prefer the movie way more.

 Like for the entire day, the song was stuck in my mind, and I couldn't stop humming the melody to the chorus.

For everyone out there. The MV of 那些年

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