Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.11.24 dinner meetup

Met up with the ICE people for dinner meet up that day.

It was raining so freaking big, and maggie and kelvin were stuck at cineleisure not able to move anywhere.
Tonton just went and bought the umbrella from 7-11 and fetch them over to 313.

Seriously funny, when he took the umbrella, for don't know what reason jelly couldn't stop laughing, resulting into me laughing along with her for no reason.
Laughters are highly contagious I say.

Katie brought us to this Japanese ramen store.
Food was alright to me, I didn't like the ramen, but I love the meat. HEAVENLY.
The ramen is like, erm maggie mee to me?
Soup base, I like.
The bamboo shoots were a disappointment.
I really do like bamboo shoots a lot, and will practically stuff them down.
However, this was so weird tasting, and even the texture felt weird too? That I didn't even want to eat a single piece.

the couple that couldn't stop laughing among themselves.
see my char siew slice <3
 We walked around a little, and then left with Jelly, Tonton and I. The others went to Starbucks first.
We got a little, lost. Went up and down and left and right.
Found Maggie half way through and brought her to Bata since her shoe gave way, and then headed to Starbucks.

It's so funny, whenever I am with them, there will be lots and lots of laughters.
We  don't even need to have any topics of discussion to laugh at.
Just being there, it's crazy.
It was so embarrassed, we had stares from the other tables. oh man.

Camwhore with tonton's laptop when it's like less than 10% of battery left.

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