Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.11.06 banana cake

Just the other day I was baking and then came to the baking topic with Carol, and so we decided to bake together.

Banana cake and a surprise tiramisu.

I was super tired the day before, so I was sleeping in a lot, and I was only barely awake when the couple reached.
Talk about embarrassment and awkwardness.

We had lunch at Jurong Point's kopitiam, and then bought our ingredients from both the NTUCs.
Didn't had the exact ingredients for Tiramisu, so we had to improvise, but it was a major failure to do so.

Tiramisu was actually a secret baking plan that day.
Everyone except Andy knew about it. Carol wanted to give it to him as a birthday surprise.
I am sorry that it turned out real badly :(

Banana Cake was a huge success like before, it's really easy to bake, I swear.

Some photos to share,
and see here, the guys did bear minimum, as they were dragonest-ing while we girls bake.
Okay, they helped with the cleaning though :X

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