Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.11.03

Met up with the Ice people for dinner and meet up on 2011.11.03
Derek came along this time.

We had quite a hard choice thinking what to eat?
At that point of time, Jurong Point was crowded real badly.
Everywhere were packed. It's really hard to find a place to fit 7 of us together.

They were still jokingly saying how we should just get takeaways and eat at my house instead, since it's just a road across.

We managed to get seats though.
Like always, we had to split up.
Kelvin, Maggie and Derek a table.
While, Andrew, Katie, Tonton and I at another table.

"the red riding hood and the evil bad wolf'
Tonton and I didn't really want to eat, so we just sat there and played Fruits Ninja instead.
Katie got more excited than the both of us instead, funny girl.

The two of them finished their dinner before Kelvin and the others' food arrived, we decided to leave the area so others could have a place to sit.
We wandered around and settled for dessert.

The others came to find us, and we didn't had anything to do at JP and had no other suggestions and ideas, so in the end...

We watched a movie off MioTv, correction, only Katie and Andrew were paying attention to the movie.
The other guys were chatting among themselves instead.
I forgot what I was doing.

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