Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST : 2011.11.07 ECP

Went to East Coast Park with the Plaza people for a cycling session and to celebrate Andy's birthday.

and so we decided to wear the I <3 Bangkok tank together.

I seriously shouldn't have get one on my own but should share with tonton instead?
My knee were giving me problems throughout and was hurting me a lot.

The others cycled really fast, leaving only Jelly and I behind?
Yihe and tonton went ahead to look for the others, while Jelly and I took our own sweet time instead.

I saw Jewl half way through.
Man, how many years did I not seen her. I miss those day when we all still hang out with each other during the secondary school temple days.
She turned all sporty now.

Jelly and I decided to give up, and rest instead.
So we U-turned and settled for some sugarcane drink.
Headed back to the rental shop area to wait for the others then.

It was like around sunset?
We were being super random, and decided to take photo at one of those huge rocks they have there?
The sky was just nice for photos.

We practically "photoshoot" while waiting for the others to ride back.
my "fling" for the day

It was so funny, we were like taking the photos halfway and jelly suddenly went "IS THAT YIHE?"
to realise everyone were back!!
We panic and rush down the area and rode towards them. HAHAHA

Saw amanda there too :D

and because of that, they made fun of me :(
Carlsberg, 好友满天下(literally friends all around the world)
Just because I always get to meet my friends everywhere :(
Singapore is just too small okay ><

Went for dinner afterwards.
Queue was long as always, and it's harder with the amount of people we had.

Jelly and I decided to spend the time painting while waiting.
These bring back childhood memories.

It was like just nice? By the time we were done, they were just serving the food. :D

I was so hungry that day that I finished every single thing on my bowls and plates, and they were like damn amazed, SERIOUSLY?

We had the banana cake that we baked earlier on as Andy's birthday cake :)

the birthday boy and the banana cake.
Super tired afterwards, I was already feeling half unwell.
Cabbed home with tonton and zhenwei, while the others took bus or their own ride home.

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