Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21st Birthday Party Part II

Continue on with the party.

The people who came to my party are mainly my,

current classmates?

credits to Ruiting
Family, of course.

credits to Dom
the skating people,

credits to dom but photo taken by kelvin
my polymates, sgcafe, Haiinn and Plaza people.

Planned to play some games actually, but didn't manage to since I had to run around.
Food was alright, everyone loves the fish.
The chicken was nice too, but some said it's too salty but some love it, very extreme likings.

Catering was from Select if you are curious?

I didn't really had time to eat my dinner properly, was running around talking to people, thanking people, welcoming people.

Anyway, cake cutting session.
There was any cutting actually, so it was just sing-the-birthday-song and photo taking :)

I was seriously embarrassed and awkward out there when they crowd around me to sing?
I didn't know what to do there at that point of time.
Staring at them isn't the right choice either.

Anyway, photos.

credits to Dom
photo with Parents <3
Thanks my parents for having the party.
Thanks them for bringing me up.
Am gonna learn to control my temper better so I will treat them right.

credits to dom
with the family :)

credits to Dom
photo with Cousins and partners?
Am really glad that my family members were able to come down for the party even when some live like the other end of Singapore?
It's really seldom that we get to see each other that often. So, I was really happy that they came down :)

credits to Dom
photo with Polymates
Guili had to leave early, so there was another photo with her, but that wasn't during the "cake cutting" session.

credits to Dom
photo with polymates
I forgot why, but I took one with arisa alone.

credits to Dom
photo with Arisa
The crazy bunch of skaters.

credits to I DKW
the skaters :)
They brought joy to my life, with ice skating.

did a separate one with the ICE people too.

credits to IDKW again
ICE achievements <3
They are the bunch that I really love right now, not that I do not love my other friends.
They just appeared at the right time of my life, being there for me when I need them, they are like my closest bunch right now.

Missing Maggie in the photo though :(
Wasn't able to take leave and she had to work on sunday too :(

credits to Dom
The ex ESDAA now ArtFusion and Cohort 9 people.
Arisa just totally blend in together with the current classmates.
Am really glad to know this bunch of people.
Had a lot of fun and laughters with them, and not forgetting jokes and gossips.

credits to Dom
the sgcafe duo

Yilin actually didn't appear in the cohort 9 photo. 
They were very reluctant to take photos with me at that time.
Thanks for coming yo.

credits to dom
the plaza people
Bunch of people I got to know because of Tonton.
Lots of outings and gatherings with them, and they are really fun to be with.
I got to know my current laopo, Jelly, because of the group <3

credits to dom
This 2 have been in my life for more than 10 years, and always stood by me no matter what happened.
I still remember the craziest days we had back in Hai Inn and how we only listen to Dajie and no one else, and even till now.
Yan and me always argued, and I really mean always, but it's sweet how we will automatically apologise to each other, when the both of us are plain stubborn.
We do not talk to each other everyday, we don't call each other, we don't message each other, but I know, when I need someone, they were be there for me. 

credits to dom
with tonton <3
and finally, with tonton.
that stupid boy, super busy talking to his friends that day that I didn't really manage to spend much time with him. Thanks gosh it wasn't my real birthday, otherwise I will kill him or something.

Thanks this stupid bf of mine to appear in my life, we can have conversation-less conversation and yet be happy. Love ya. 

and then we start eating the cupcakes, obviously.

Zach and Sze came quite late, like almost to the end of the party, especially Zach.
BUT... They appeared, it's always the thought that counts.

the 2nd half of polymates

gonna spend more photos on the next post.

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