Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21st Birthday Party Part III

21st Birthday Party Part III


Yeah, there aren't big and expensive stuffs, just for some fun?
The biggest prize out there was a $20 Starbucks card, the others are filled with notebooks, masks, chocolate, hp pouches etc.

Yeah, mainly FOOD.

21 prizes out to be given since I am turning 21st.

busy looking at their numbers
This is gonna be a super photo heavy post.
photo credits to Ruiting
The ticket I given out.
I practically printed out lots of the above the night before, cutting them and writing numbers on them.
Giving them out on the day itself. *phew* hard word.

I can say, the Plaza people won the most prizes, clique wise.

Yihe was the first one that I chose.
Toblerone chocolate
Alfred got a chocolate
I am sorry Andy, the prize is so damn small, but it's cute alright.
weeteng forever reluctant to take photo

Cally won the "TOP" prize of the day. Look how happy she is here.
$20 starbucks card, and she drinks lots of starbucks too!
Have you finished the $20?
Kelvin look so sad cause the "top" prize was gone
Jelly and chocolate
Carol won too!!! 
My cousin practically collected all the "tickets" frm the relatives
Notebook for Sam
Jack Daniel chocolate for OCS.
The others were like "how you know he need alcohol!"
Donald got a RED hand pouch which he gave it to jieling
little keychain for kelvin
notebook for yan
famous amos cookie for yonghui
Princles for pjie which will accompany her thru drawing
and so my cousin won again because of the stack of tickets he have
Leonard won the other handphone pouch
yilin won some chocolates
box of oreosssss for karina. happy eating
yan won again, technically one belongs to either her, the bf or da jie
jieling won the last hp pouch, and so she got 2
So, I decided to lucky draw away the chocolates I prepared for the games since it wasn't given out anyway.


Really had fun with the lucky draw, looking at the reactions of the others and such.
I really had fun and thanks everyone that came to the party :)

Especially those who helped me, and Andrew, without you, I won't have a venue for my party!
Sorry that you had to bring extra chairs from your home so that everyone will have a seat.


Last part of the birthday posts will be the presents :)

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