Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21st Birthday Party Part I

So, I finally got all the photos from Dom and managed to go through them.
I didn't really do any editing, because I was just plain lazy, so I just settle with color-correcting and auto tuning.

Preparing for the Party.

This is the craziest part of the entire event for me.
Sending out invites, counting the number of people that are going. Rushing people to RSVP.
Looking for cheap and good buffet choices.
Looking for cakes choices.
Looking for decorations and themes choices.

In the end, I settled with cupcakes with the cookie monster theme.
It wasn't really a cookie monster theme? More like a blue + purple kind of thing.

I ordered the cupcakes from Fiona, which are seriously delicious, though it's a little sweet for the frosting. Which is normal? In a lot of cases, it's really hard to find cupcakes with frosting that ain't sweet at all.
The sweetness is to balance out the almost tasteless cupcake right?

The cupcake stand was a disaster for me.
It was half a failure I say.
I didn't manage to decorate it much actually, and had to do trail and error instead.
No more DIY cupcake stand the day before, unless I got all the PROPER materials needed.

total failure. don't even look pretty at all.
last minute work suck
Somehow I managed to do up my nails while watching Crazy,Stupid Love.


It was raining like crazy on the day of the party.
I was already running late, and I had to travel to Yishun to collect the cupcakes from Fiona.
Thank gosh, Dad came to fetch up.

I felt so bad when my friends actually arrived at the venue earlier than me.

The ESDAA Art Fusion people came earlier to help me set up, which I really appreciated a lot.
Without them, I most likely will panic, go crazy, and start crying.

Miss Art Director P-Jie, managed to help me set up my cupcakes and the failure cake stand to look AMAZING.
The cake stand manage to work, and it really look beautiful after the set up.

credits to dom
credits to dom
credits to sam

I was really happy.
I wanted that cookie monster balloon ages ago, and asked Weeteng to help me check it.
Since the shopping mall near her house sells it.
She actually "lied" to me and gave me a "surprise" telling me she didn't check and it was out of stock.
Weeteng can't lie at all, you can practically see through her, for my case, her through her.
I knew something was wrong somewhere....

credits to peirong

It's 31inch tall!! Seriously love the "surprise" she gave me.

Anyway, the cupcakes really look pretty right?

credits to Dom
Fiona is really such a talent, please support her :)

Oh, another thing.
They got me the sesame street's birthday banner which actually says " Happy 1st Birthday "
So, we just took the '1st' off and settle with the 'Happy' and 'Birthday' separately.
Too cute for me to handle. 

credits to Sam
Food arrived a little late?
The worse thing was, we had to wait for it to heat up, so we can't really just eat them right away.
credits to Dom, but I think Katie took this instead.

Seriously thanks those lots for helping me, really appreciated it.
Thank the plaza people too for helping me with the balloons. 


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