Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011.12.03 一泡而红

A local produced movie by our local actress Michelle Chong.

The movie trip was random, I was facebook-ing asking "what I should eat for dinner?" and Andy responded.
In the end, we had our group chat on wadapps talking about meeting up for dinner and a movie session.

Always support local movie, Singapore actually has quite an amount of indie films, but you don't normally get to see them in the cinemas?
It's quite sad isn't it?

Michelle Chong, wrote, directed and produced this movie her own.
I think she took a half year unpaid leave to do it?
Just to follow your dreams.

It's even cooler when she got Xiaogui to be the male lead?
I bet most of the girls watch it for the sake of seeing xiaogui inside, I think that's part of the reason I wanna watch it.

The movie was great, the topic especially?
Nowadays with all the fandom going on, lots of people want to be famous and such.
I don't deny that I don't have these thoughts before.
Nothing can't be done without putting in effort.

I guess, timing and chances are very important too.
Connections too, the world is too realistic for us.
PR and connections are very important for you to survive, my thoughts.

Chances are there to be given, but people must learn to appreciate it.
I learnt it the hard way.

I love the funny bits of it.
Especially the parts of Enlai and Ernest was so damn funny.

I like Irene Ang role inside too, she can always act weird roles and still looking great.

I think it's like almost not screening already ><

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