Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011.11.27 The Muppets

Thanks to Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore, I went for their premiere with tonton.

Muppets were never in my childhood memories, I never had any memories of watching them off the TV.
My days were the Digimon, Pokemon, Xena the warrior Princess, X-Men...etc

outfit for the day

The most similar should be just Sesame Street.

This is like my first nuffnang event that I went to? It was so damn crowded, but typical Singaporeans?
Love to keep spaces in between each other, so Tonton and I still managed to find a place in the middle, cool huh.

The movie was okay, the storyline was so-so?
It's the songs and the little humour in it.
I can't say I was interested in the story but watching it as a comedy instead.
Love the humour.

It's like there's this part, it wasn't even suppose to be funny?
Yet, we can't even stop laughing about it.

Muppets just bring laughters to people.
Come to think about it, recently? I have only been watching comedy movies. L O L

Shall not spoil the movie?
It's out in the cinemas now, so catch it okay?

Walked around with tonton after the movie, since we were at town area?
It's been awhile since we went out together, just the 2 of us.
The furthest? Jurong Point. HAHA

We were suppose to go Ikoma to collect my Japanese notes?
Yet we stopped half way through and went Paragon instead.
I was very hungry that day.

Settled for Sushi Tei in the end, tonton was craving for his phoenix roll that he always been talking about whenever we talk about japanese food.
He wanted me to try it too since I never had one before.

Actually by then? I wasn't in the mood to eat, as my sinus was giving me very big problems that day :(
Ruined my mood totally.

Stil managed to eat my SALMON SASHIMI though.

tonton's favourite phoenix roll
fried tuna
Ordered the fried tuna and try since the both of us never had it before?
It was real dry, so I don't recommend eating it just like that, which I did?
Need to like eat it with ramen or something?
I just practically kept on dipping it to the Mayo.
It was suppose to be chili mayo, but the 2 of us don't like spicy stuffs, so just plain old mayo.
It wasn't too bad, but real dry.
Tonton don't understand how I managed to eat it up without anything else, just lots of mayo to go with.

Shall end with my camwhore shot.

Actually, I took some other photos, but they suck.

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