Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011.12.04 JLPT

OKAY, panic mode, I had my JLPT N5 exam on 4th Dec 2011.
I was panicing throughout, there were thoughts of me not taking the exams.
I was a bad student. I didn't attend quite a number of classes, and used tired and school as an excuse.

For most of the time, I was either over at Duval's or Tonton's house instead.

平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚。Literally meaning that you normally don't pray, yet where there are troubles, you hug the buddha's leg.

I was only studying for real, like the 2 days before the test.
Doing test paper, going through my textbooks?

Nothing could go in my mind at that point of time.

I was almost late on that day, and almost wasn't able to take my test.
Thanks god daddy fetched me half way through.

After like the first paper, then I realized Andrew was in the same room with me?
We went to get some drinks during the break, okay I need some drinks.
I was real happy that I am a Chinese, I had no trouble understanding the Kanji, just that I need to get my options right.
Vocab and grammar suck big time for me.
I really hope I did well?
I hate the listening section though. They didn't repeat, so you need to listen real carefully?
For both the questions and answers.
Some of the questions? I practically stone down there, and had to somehow choose an answer that I don't even know whether it's correct.
I was so tired, that I almost fell asleep.

Andrew accompany me to Plaza Sing afterwards?
Walked Spotlight and Daiso and got myself some more yarns.

Were real hungry so settled for Itacho.
Practically brought Andrew up and down with me, cause I forgotten where it was located at?
Had to call Tonton to ask him which level it was.

We were lucky, there wasn't a queue when we reached, but a super long one half while we were eating.
My salmon meal.

lots and lots of salmon 
more salmon

and my favourite fatty tuna mini rice

Oh, and half way through listening? I realise my nail chipped. :(
Time for soak off!!

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