Saturday, December 10, 2011

POST: 2011.11.26 Puss in Boots

Caught Puss in Boots with the Plaza people.

Had Astons @ Cathay for dinner first?
I didn't knew they have outdoor seatings till that night.
Like always, we queued, real long, since we had quite a number of people with us?
Never fail to have more than 5 people going out.

That week was when my wrist got injured, saddening.
I can't even eat properly and tonton had to cut my food for me, while laughing.

Puss in Boots is ultimately super duper wooper cute?
Look at his eyes,

Love the story, like only Shrek and etc get this kind of fairytales to be told?
So different from the books you read or was read to when you were still young.

I can't even remember the actually Puss in Boots story.

The characteristic of the characters were like great?
Love interest for Puss, big bad evil villain Humpy Dumpy?

Little secret, I was waiting to see Humpy "have a great fall" for real.

humpy looked damn funny down here.
I think it's better than Shrek, or at least on par.
Or maybe Shrek got boring throughout the movies, the first one is always the best?

The cinema was full of laughters throughout, and I love the cat that went "OOOOHHHHHHHHHH"
and How they played the music with those "instruments" they have?
Plus, the Flamenco dance they did, marvelous.

I won't mind a Puss in Boots 2.

Went for supper chit chat session again, and this time we manage to find ourselves seats at Rochor Beancurd.
Halfway through at Cathay, I saw Keenan, Keann and Joshua.
They laughed out loud when I told them my wrist was injured, because of Maya.

Spotting friends leading to the Plaza people making fun again :(
Worse still, I saw the same 3 of them again at Beancurd!!!
They and their Carlsberg joke.

For the first time? Tonton and I didn't take a cab home, since we managed to catch the last 174.
Geez, the bus ride was damn long please.
I was feeling so tired, but I couldn't manage to sleep on the bus though.
I practically took like around 1 hour plus bus ride to reach home from Orchard, it's crazy.
I don't even need 1 hour for the MRT ride.
No more long bus rides please...

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