Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There's a lot a lot to write and blog about, BUT, I won't blog for awhile? Maybe till next week?
Let the wrist rest and I need to rush my work out and prepare for JLPT on Dec 4th, which, I will most probable fail, and hopefully my hand will recover by then even though it's a MCQ exam.


Outings here and there, movie reviews, sample reviews.etc.
There's so much to type.

So, this is how my wrist look like now :

The 2nd time I got it "bandaged", the last was on Friday which I took it off on Sunday.

(side note, the current number of photos I have in my iPhone's camera is 666. bad, bad, number. shall delete randoms and uglies)

SO, be patient k, not like a lot of ppl are reading.
and. SORRY JELLY, and yes, I will be uploading AT ONE GO AGAIN the next time when I am back :P

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