Wednesday, November 30, 2011


"Just read an article on Aardman Animation's new Christmas CG Feature "Arthur Christmas". Some frames took 20-30 hours to render! So 1 second could have taken a month to render.... that is if you're using 1 machine.... :P "

This is what my lecturer posted on our FMS DVFX group, and now I am curious in reading that article.


It's crazy!!! To take 20-30 hours to render some frames? OMFG. Thanks god they invented batch render, render farm, THOUGH it still took damn long for them to render.
All the polygons and quality stuffs for them to render.

For those not in media/film/animation related industry.
1 Frame is like erm, a frame. A single still, no movement, nothing.
1 sec is like 24/25 frames. Though there are till 50/60 and the newer ones 72, depending on the quality, format etc.etc.
so, 1 minute is like 24/25 * 60
1 hour is 24/25* 60 * 60 and if they takes 20-30 hours to render.
That's estimated,
24 * 60 * 60 * 25?


The craziness of rendering. It already kills me when one single frame takes minutes to render, imagine hours. O.M.G

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