Friday, October 28, 2011

Lovers as bestfriends

I seriously feel for this paragraph of words.
And I'm glad that we are like this too.

7 months and on going, it seems real long already isn't it?
We did not once have any fights that worsen the relationship.
Indeed there were tears, but happiness and laughters let me forget them all.
And those tears bring us even closer with each other.
We bicker, we fight literally. Make fun of each other, tickle till we tear, I bounce off the chairs, injuring each other, laughing till we cry.
I can count the times we went out with just a single hand.
I do complain that I want to go out more, but spending time just staying at home, discussing about this and that, watch anime and movies off my iMac and laptop are already blessing.
Thank you for being here for my life.
I love you baby tonton <3 with the endless random nicknames I ever gave you.


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