Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011.10.15 I ice SKATE

Saturday 2011,10,15

With the new time table, I got class on Saturday.
3D modeling I, organic modeling.

Bobby is really cool and nice, and I didn't even realise he was korean!
It's like the two good ones from Korea! Can I like go there work someday?

We modeled an adidas bottle as our "test",
and it was really quite fun, though the hotkeys he teaching us can be quite confusing.

Is going to model something cute next week!

Went back home first, since I wasn't able to find my gloves in the morning, so might as well not bring anything out.
Had lunch and start preparing, while Tonton takes a nap.

I brought my Peanut Butter Cookies along, and was real happy that the others liked it.
Need to cut down on the sugar a little more, cause it seems to be on the sweeter side thanks to the Peanut Butter.
Maggie was eating non stop.
I was really happy to see her eating them. :)
Got souvenirs from Maggie and Katie.
Prawn crackers from Batam ; Maggie
and Couple Cup Mat from Taiwan ; Katie

<3 girls.

OH, and was real, real, real happy that Katie loved the hp pouch that I knitted for her :)
Dom is buying one from me!! HOHO, he offered, and I seriously do not know how much to sell it for -.-

The counter people quitted, so it's a total new batch of people.
To be honest, I do not like them at all, first impression counts ah?
They are so, so, so unfriendly!
HELLO! You are working at the counter, can you bloody show some smiles.
I DO NOT owe you anything.

We had dinner afterwards at Bukit Batok, because I went going on saying that I want to drink Gong Cha.
BUT, the queue turned me off once we reached there.

Had dinner and chat a little and went home :)

Migraine was bad, so I practically zonked out after washing up.

edited with photos

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  1. lol d monster hunter kitty damn kawaiiiii~ :D
    u like d crackers jiu hao, next time i bring back fish one. see which is nicer for u (: