Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011.10.11 & 12 First Week of School

Yeah, first week of school ,

It's a little tiring for me, cause I am still trying hard to sleep early and wake up earlier.
Too used too sleeping "early" in the morning already.
Body clock went haywire.

So, with the new timetable, every Tuesday is horror.
I got a 9am - 6pm school classes, and a 6.50pm - 9.50pm Japanese class at night.

We did rigging, it wasn't that bad.
It was a nightmare back in Poly days, I couldn't really understand what I was doing.
Albert actually explained very well haha.

Did the basic skeleton of the human!

Texture and Shaders was fun too! I need to keep myself awake and attentive cause I am really bad in some shaders here n there.
Lect a korean,Ashley, and she is pretty when she was 20!

Had PP group meeting too, and our consultant officially changed to Albert, though Mervyn is still somehow binded to our group. HAHA.
Need to show albert our models next week for a look.

Japanese lesson still fun, I had to rushed though, and got myself fingerfood for dinner again.
Onishii sensei still unwell, her eyes got infection from contact lenses apparently, and she was hospitalised for a day!
Hope she is okay now!

The first thing I reached home, was to wash up and sleep.
So tired from the crazy hours of school and classes, Tuesday a hell.

We had lights for Wednesday class, same lect, Ashley, we played around with the 1,2,3 point lighting.
I have yet to finish up them though.

Had PP group pitch again, to the Cohort 10 people, and we can change groups too since it's the next sem already.
But most of us stick to what we have before, talk about loyalty ah.

Tonton joining our group though, hooray!

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