Friday, October 14, 2011

2011.10. 13 School and dental

2011.10.13 Thursday

Figure drawing class in the morning.
We watched this video that's around 1 hours plus 2hours?
Seriously, with the bad video quality and the school speaker. I practically can't make out what's the person was trying to say in the video.

I almost fell asleep half way through and started knitting.
The few of us, moved to the back of the room sometimes through. HAHAHA

Ruiting and I went starbucks half way, and got myself Earl Grey Tea Latter + Ham n Cheese Croissant.
I always wanted to try it, but I didn't, it's marvelous!

Went to Jurong West for tonton's dental appointment @ aunt's shop.

I DO NOT like the counter lady there. Did not see her before, and the previous one was really very nice.
This new person, couldn't stop staring, and giving her nonsensical attitude problem like she owns the place or whatever shit.
Guess what, once she knew the dentist was my aunt?
She didn't even dare to look over anymore, and went away to talk on the phone, and kept on taking peeps at me.
LIKE HELLO, screw you.
Her talking method changed like 360 ° during payment. bleahs.

I do not like her, even dad said that he met her unreasonable attitude problems too.

We went back straight after the appointment, and got myself peanut butter to bake my cookies.
did not even realise the home has not enough eggs, so made a double trip to NTUC.

We heard the song " IF we hold on together" while queueing for payment and couldn't help thinking what song and which song it was from.
YEAH, couldn't remember.
Worse, with the lousy 3G connection at NTUC, I couldn't even google or wiki it.
In the end, I msged Ah boy Waine, gee, his answer was way faster than my lousy 3G connection.

Was supposed to meet up with Nicole Tay, to pass her the I ice Skates shirt, but she forgotten and went home straight.
Passed Wilson his though, and Macy, Justin, Olivia, and Theodore.

I was suppose to bake, but I didn't cause it was too late already.
I am tired, so I left it to the next day instead.

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