Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ngee Ann Poly.

Went back to Ngee Ann Poly on 28th September as Maggie needed to apply for her part-time diploma.
So, tonton and I accompanied her there :)

To be honest, I wasn't really in a good state that day, because of some reasons.
Please just BLOODY HELL LEAVE ME ALONE. thank you very much.

Anyway, we only realised that the part time diploma Maggie is looking at, isn't for what she wanted, it's for another course.
Good thing we went with her, otherwise she apply into wrong course *faints*.

We ranged up Andrew, and met up with him for lunch @ Makan Place, since he was around SIM collecting his school stuffs.

I didn't have appetite at all, and just settle for some dessert which I didn't even finish.
AHHH, I was looking forward to my Nasi Lemak actually.

We went on seperate ways after that, home that is.

tonton and I went to watch Abuction after NP trip.
I still can't get the fact that Taylor is YOUNG. damn it. He look so damn mature?

The movie isn't bad actually, better than what I expect.

I like how the movies goes, it got it ups and downs, so it's not boring at all.
The impact is there, blah, blah, blah.

I was excited throughout the show actually.
The stuffs planned out is really cool, and you don't know who is good or not actually.

Didn't regret watching.

MORE BLEACH after Abuction.
Recently, what tonton and I do at home, just lots of anime watching. HAHA

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