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2011.09.24 Ice Skating + Spyder + Macs

2011.09.24 Saturday,

Saturday, is my weekly routine, skating day.
I look forward to it even more now, since I got my groups of lovelies there.
It's amazing how we knew each other for so long and didn't really hang out with each other.
AND, suddenly after one birthday, we can't stop contacting each other, twittering, random sms, wadapps, facebook, we even had our own fb group because of some stuffs.
I seriously appreciate them a lot, they listen to me, gave me suggestions and comments,
they accept the positive and negative sides of me, stand by me when I am down, gave me opinions and comments when I do stuffs wrong.

Yeah, I learn this from school too, give encouragements, and positive remarks when giving ur opinions, and not verbal insults instead.
People don't grow and learn through insults, encouragements are what bring them up and make them move on from their mistakes.

Even though our age aren't the same, I am like the 2nd oldest girl among the 4 of us?
Even though we are immature and mature in some ways, we learn from each other.

We appreciate each other and accept what each other said.
We just say it out straight if there is any unhappiness, or if we want anyone to change in any ways.

They are the people who brought me out from my nightmare.
They understood what I said, they knew what I did wrong, they accept me for who I am.
And, I am really grateful for that.

<3 you people.
Maggie, Katie, Andrew, Dom, Kelvin and Jelyna.
NAH , I am not including in Tonton cause he is my bf ><

Back to skating, everyone went skating today :) SO HOORAY!
Andrew only skate alternate weeks, and Jelly isn't free most of the time.
This time, Jelly's nan ren came along too.

Had fun skating with them always, sitting down and rotting too. Taking photos nonstop.
It's like our every Saturday routine.
with Andrew's long hand, everyone managed to fit in the little iPhone camera screen. woots.

spamming photos.

me~ and Yinkwan

maggie and yinkwan

papa Al , Jelly and I

tonton and I <3

katie and I

We had dinner at Koufu, and a few of us were falling sick :(

Didn't want to go home, and then we decided to go Ryuju's Spyder @ parklane.
Jelly didn't want to go pub, so she went home with Nanren, and Dom had to go home since he had to head towards genting.

Sat Andrew's ride all the way to Spyder.
Had Katie's share of wine, and I got a glass of Johnnie Walker to share, but I guess I drank the most -.-
And, Ryuju treated me to a glass of vodka.
He is so funny, he mixed it for me, but he hadn't try it at all before, and then tested a sip with my drink.  L O L
we ordered food too, and damn, the chicken wings are OISHII.
I wouldn't mind having more of them.

You know, I never get drunk with alochol before, YEAH AND I M PROUD OF THAT, SO ?
BUT, my throat gets all the damage, you can totally guess when my voice is gone, when I am not sick?
Yeah, I went drinking. Even mama guessed it too. damn.
So, half way through? My voice was already half gone.
The thing is, the throat doesn't even hurts any bit. -.- oh well.

We headed over to Jurong's Mac after that for supper. BIG HOORAY FOR ME, cause it's walking distance for me, and the entire bunch of them stay at the Bukit Batok/Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang area. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, am the odd one out yo.

By then, the voice is already damn, damn, bad. I don't even sounds like myself anymore. L O L
We continue bitching and gossiping there, couldn't stop laughing here and there.
LOL at Andrew's tweet about Katie, she talk the wrong stuffs at the wrong place. geez.
They are just so damn funny!
It's will be even high-er if jelly and dom were there too.
please join us next time!

Headed home, cause we were so damn tired afterwards.

<3 all my skating saturday, and of course, my skating peeps <3

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