Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011.09.26 Kelvin's house & knitting

2011.09.26 Monday.

Maggie got interested in knitting after seeing me knit. HAHA

So we met up together, and planned to go down to Plaza Sing to get materials?
However, as I was sick, I didn't really want to go that far, so we settle for IMM instead.

Met up with Katie first, and we got gong cha and headed over to Kelvin's house.
Kel went to the doctors, and Maggie was waiting at his house instead.

We stayed there and chatted and took photos.
Helped maggie with her school's enquiries.

Kelvin's house, with the full length mirror is just nice for camwhoring :)

Afterwards headed down to IMM for lunch and shopping @ Daiso.
Settled for Subway :) I LOVE SUBWAY :)

poor katie, couldn't really bite because of braces tightening.

Shopping at Daiso is fun, fun, fun.
We practically stayed at the knitting area for don't know how long. HAHAHA.
Am knitting and sewing pouches for my lovelies.

Went back to Lot One and met up with Tonton, for dinner :)
I didn't really eat, cause I FORGOT WHY.

Anyway, started teaching Maggie to knit after dinner.
Went crazy, HAHAHA.
It takes a lot, a lot of practicing to knit well.
I can't even say that my knits are nice.
At least, I am keeping them neat :)

Fun to hang out with them as always <3

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