Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011.09.21 Wednesday - PP dinner

2011.09.21 Wednesday

That's the last day of PP for Year 1 Sem 2.
The day for our presentation.
Yeah, I was nervous like always, but not as nervous as Dee, as she is the one who did the talking for the entire group during the presentation.
I am just there pressing the slides, and it's so funny, how the others wanted it to be fast, and the lecturers wanted it to be slow.
I am stuck in between.

The presentation went well for our group actually  :)
Lects didn't have anything else to say :)

So, after the presentation, the entire group went to Clarke Quay for dinner, with Mervyn.
I sat in Mervyn's car with Weeteng and Jinkee, who was being mervyn navigator.

Gossiping about this and that on the way there.

We wanted to eat Mr Curry in the first place?
Apparently, there this groupon offer going on, and that day happened to be the last day for them to claim, so the waiting list is long.
We went over to waraku instead.

Got myself curry at waraku too. HAHAHA Curry the reason we went to Clarke Quay.
Jinkee was so sad that his servings look so small compared to ours, since he is such a big eater.

Oh, and I took some instax in school that day too!

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