Monday, August 29, 2011


Like every other year, my house will be making mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival.
Mum bought the premix and ingredients, and was waiting for me to start making them.

I never ever tried making baked mooncakes before, as mum says that they are difficult to make, where she has friends who failed making them, lots.
Also, snow skin mooncakes are way easier to make too.
Plus, we normally just buy the baked one from one of those many, many years old traditional baking shops.
It's nicer too. Since it's TRA-DI-TION-AL. right?

Though my mould I bought frm Shop n Bake haven't arrive yet, our house do still have the traditional moulds.

Making snowskin mooncakes can seems easy, but yet tiring.
Reaching the end, my calculations start going haywire, with the proportion between the dough and the filling going crazy.

I used a 50g mould, thus the ratio shld go something like 3 (dough) : 2(filling).
It's just nice for me, I think.

or 50:50 if you want to have more filling?

I shall wait for the new moulds to arrive, and then ask Dolly over, and try making the Flavoured ones,
like Earl Grey, Coffee or even Matcha.

For now, here's the current ones that I made :D

and a simple, basic recipe for those who want to try:

made like 25-30 50g mooncakes

200g fried glutinous flour/gao fien
200g icing sugar
100g shorterning
200ml filtered cold Ζ°ater
drops of food coloring of your choice

Filling of your choice.
(you can easily get them at baking stores or even the normal lotus paste at NTUC, though the ones at baking stores taste nicer.)


1. Mix the flour and icing sugar together.
2. Fold in the shortening. (Adding bits by bits and folding it in but it easier to mix them well)
3. Add in the water.

Now here's the part, if you want it to be flavoured?
Just mix in a little bits of earl grey, matcha or coffee to the water.

4. Form a dough
5.  drip a few drops of food coloring of your choice.
6. Let the dough rest for 15-30mins
7. (while resting you can actually prepare the filling) Measure your filling and roll them up into little balls shape

8. Measure your dough too and then wrap them with the filling.
9. Press into mould.

10. Put mooncake into fridge to chill.

* It will help a lot if you put some flour into the mould, so that the mooncakes can slip out easily :D

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