Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31 August 2011: unofficial 1 yr anniversary

31 August 2011.

The date has a meaning.
This is the date when I first started school, as in the first day of school to ESDAA, which is now known as Art Fusion.

Enough of the school? This is still the place I meet my current new friends :D
Some of them who I am close with right now.
eg, Weeteng <3, Duval, Alfred, Eric to name a few. Not forgetting Ah boy, Waine, who I irritates a lot.

and so, tonton had a scandal before we got together.
worse till, Jeremy thought we were together since the start.

so it's like 31st August happens to be our UNOFFICIAL ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. LOL

so we went back to the old school area, bugis.

Wanted to eat the Chicken Rice @ Bras Basah, but decided to go for western instead, since we really didn't had it for very, very long.
At least when the last time we came here for printing we had chicken rice.

Headed down the bras basah as I wanted to shop Art Friend.
Got myself some charcoal and a few canvas board for painting.
Weeteng and I also wanted to get some for painting, but we never actually bought them before.
Since there's a 20% discount, might as well get a few to paint.
Promised mum to paint her some, so she could put up at the living wall.
Not that my painting skills are that good enough though.

Went Basheer  too.
I was so damn tempted to get the concept book for Alice Madness Returns?
It's too nice of a price for my wallet to handle, shall just get it via Amazon, since I got some other books that I wanted to get too.
Didn't get the issue of ImagineFx that I wanted, you know, the one with Bobby Chiu's cover?
The book too crumpled, how sad.
Got Cinefex though, the issue with Tron: Legacy. I seriously needa watch that movie.


Bus down to cathay to check for movie slots, a good thing that I bought a long the vouchers?
There wasn't any so we walked round Cathay instead.
Ended up with Gong Cha, watching trailers @ the cineplex area.

We were like watching Overheard 2's trailer and was thinking not bad of a movie, and realise it was out.
So, I went to check the timing, and lucky us, there was a slot that wasn't too late for us.
Got the tickets and went to get food to eat, since I was miraculously hungry.
I rate a 3.5/5 for the movie?
The action wasn't that amazing, but the overall of the story was really damn amazing.
Plus point, Daniel Wu is inside. :P

Shall end the post with a photo :X
edited with the new apps I downloaded :D

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