Saturday, August 27, 2011

27th August 2011 - Plaza's hang out + jelly's bdae

27th August 2011, Saturday.

Early in the morning, I woke up to collect Jelly's birthday present which I bought online.
No point hiding now, cause she obviously know where I get them from right? Since it's off her wishlist.
and THANKS GOODNESS, one of their meeting point is @ Boon Lay, which is just opposite my house :D
Then again, waking up early in the morning, even earlier than for school, is kinda tedious for this cookie down here.

wanted to go back to sleep but I didn't, in the end, I spend the time reading manga and watching animes.
YEAH, my pastime nowadays? Animes + Mangas.
I don't even dragon nest that much anymore ever since I got the bat wings :x

So, since I was at home, mum made me made the mooncakes :D
So, the photo from the previous,previous post? Yeah, they are the mooncakes I made.

In the end I fell asleep like 1 hour before the time that I was suppose to leave house.
There's a gathering with the "PLAZA" people.
(PLAZA peeps, happens to be tonton's side of friends, those that we went Thailand together)

I overslept? and with my dilly dally character, choosing clothes and the make up? I was late.
Worse till, I need to rush down to take my ID photos @ Jurong Point so I could submit my JLPT application.
Had to wait for like 10mins for the photos to be done.
I AM SO SORRY TONTON, obviously he wasn't happy about it, his gf's bad bad time management.
Rushed down to IKOMA to submit and paid for the application and then proceed down to Orchard Central to meet them.
Was suppose to eat the good jap food at the top levels, but they are so booked and the queues were long?
waiting time was like around 1 hour?

In the end, we ended up @ Senki Japanese Restaurant.
Talk about service.
We had to cramp into the little place they had, which is normally for 4 people?
There are like bloddy 8 of us for goodness sake.
It was a miracle that we managed to sit there and eat our dinner.

The food portion was small, to the extend that I was able to finish everything single thing of it and wasn't even full.
The food came in batches? And they kept missing out stuffs, and we had to ask for the waiter/waitress again and again.
brought along the piano B and took some with jelly, the birthday girl.
Since her birthday was coming up.
some photos from her side and mine.

Proceed to Plaza Sing after dinner for movie.
Met up with jieling there too.
Do not know why, but apparently I was vomiting for a few days during that period of time?

The others went in, I can't hold it and had to rush to the toilet.
Worse, the toilet at the level was closed? I had to go a level down, tedious please.

We watched CARS 2, and you know what, I have never watched CARS before?
Other than the first 10 mins of it? You know, just the intro?

BUT, I love it, like seriously.
I am glad I didn't miss the pixar shorts.
Love how pixar movies always have shorts infront of the show?
If only I have all of them, I would re-watch them like crazy?

We kinda just head home after the movie?
Passed jelly her birthday present before Andy and Carol left.
Jelly totally guessed that I was the one who read her blog, about her present?
Wishlist yo. I mean it's better to give people something they wants? Instead of choosing present anyhow?

 Went home together with Jieling and Zhenwei.
Apparently Jieling lives really, really close to where I stay?

I was hungry, and so was tonton, okay, he was never not hungry anyway.
Got Macs and headed home with them.
watched bleach while eating supper :D

Took a few pictures with the piano B.

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