Saturday, August 6, 2011

fever, yet again

there's school today but I didn't go, and this is the first time I feel very sad about it, cause PP is real fun.

Woke up with a bad migraine headache, and feeling a little giddy.
Didn't think much about it cause I thought it will go off with the sleeping, but apparently it didn't, at all.

woke up a few hours later, feeling even worse.
cough + flu.

and with the super scorching sun,  I refuse to go any further other then my house area, so I went to the clinic just below the BLK next to me. Which is like super expensive me.
I just cannot stop sneezing there, for don't know what reason.

and then....

yet to realise till the doctor took my temperature for me.
and the funny thing is, I was sweating, am still sweating, always sweating.
I don't even feel cold at all, and yep, it's not even cold sweat.

so apparently I caught a flu with the fever, not just my normal migraine I get. oh well.

I NEED LOTS OF WATER, so I am spamming Earl Grey.
Since earl grey is black tea, which helps with fever.

According to the internet, and that's what they say.

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