Saturday, August 6, 2011

forgotten BBQ 2011.06.22

I forgot to blog about the BBQ had with the Cohort 9B people during our Sem break before PP.

Cabbed down with Erica, and TON TON OVER SLEPT damn badly.
That TON TON, really is TON TON, numerous call to his phone, and he slept his way through, had to call his house so that his mum can wake him up. ><

It was raining here and there, and you might not know when it will start pouring down at you.
It happened to them before I reach the place, they had to rush and bring the food and items to the shelter, otherwise BBQ no more, and some of them were drenched.

Food was awesome, Melvin and Jeremy were cooking lots for us,
it's like saddening, cause Jeremy a vegetarian, so he only can cook and look but can't eat them at all.
Poor soul.

our chefs. HAHA

rent a bike with Tonton,  and for one Starbucks drink which is all the way at the other end from our pit, we cycled back and fro, and including buying the drink, it took us 1 hour plus. crazy ah?
And my leg muscle hurts like hell, including the butt actually, from sitting too long I guesS?

Stayed back with the guys, though I am like the only girl left.
Gossiped about this and that, talked about school stuffs. etc etc.

Cleaned and packed up and put everything in waine and leo's cars, and we went walking around, enjoying the sea breeze or is it land? argh, damn geography which I don't remember a thing.

You can like totally see the lightning far away, so we kinda run back to the car, which takes at least 5mins, running wise.
It's like the rain are chasing us from the back, we got drenched still. no umbrealla or poncho.

Drove to Macs, and got drenched really bad.
anyway was time for breakfast, got some harshbrown which is so my favourite

Freezing cold due to the rain.

Marcus was so kancheong cause we "purposely" went off before him.
It was so dark outside, he just practically stepped into the pool of water which is at least ankle high. ><

Went to leo hse to put down stuffs, and waine drove us to Tiong's mrt station, cabbed home, and sleep. IMMEDIATELY.
It's so tiring, but fun, we should have more outing.

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