Friday, July 29, 2011


and before I sleep, I shall present my sneak preview to the rings I handmade!!!!

TADAH- , yep yep, they are actually for my "label" COOKIES AND TEH, which I havent set it up at all, but I got all the names down, links wise for wordpress, blogspot. etc.

I shall find one day, settle the blog, and post stuffs up, so I can post my rings up. WOOHOO.

That's gonna be my main income, people please support :) you know I got no time to work at all >< boohoohoo.
So, I can only earn like this!!!! grr

Without further ado,

(from top Right, clock wise - bone with buttons, pencil, lego characters, watering cans)

and then this too >>>

as I were having my PP group discussion online on FB, certainly last minute one at this time, I knitted this and had it made into a ring.
And I planned to wear it to malaysia with me tomorrow, I mean later.

TADAH, please do comments on how they look.

side track, I seriously do love how pretty my photo turns out to be with instagram. <3

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