Friday, July 29, 2011

Thailand Day 2

Thailand Day 2

Tonton and I were super tired, we kinda just sleep in, and plan to wake up just nice to meet the others.
BUT, the others woke up early and went for breakfast, and then the two of us missed it instead.

They had breakfast buffet at Baiyoke Sky, while tonton, OC, donald and I went touring the viewing level.
The hotel is like tall, you can like see the cityscape seriously.

Took photos together after their breakfast.

We went to their "paragon", they have an underwater world there. max cool ah?
Since we didn't had breakfast, so ton ton and I had brunch there, Mosburger.

Weird ah, go Thailand, and all we had was fast food till now, and that's not all yet ><

This is the Go-thailand-still-must-drink-starbucks photo

with the stingray mascot from their underwater world.


We kinda just went MBK after that.
didn't have much to shop there actually, bought 2 pairs of shoes, and a phone cover, and some snacks.

Had another leg massage session.
It was so random, we saw BB, Joanne, Andy and Carol, and they just asked us to go for massage, so we went along.
Now as I type this, I WANT A MASSAGE SESSION TOO. ><


Had dinner at Baiyoke Sky, a different restaurant from their breakfast buffet.
and I had pasta for Dinner.

Talk about Thailand and Thai food huh? :X

mine dinner

tonton's dinner

PASTA @ Thailand


went for some show, and then massage session again.
shall not elaborate on the show.

But felt bad for the massage session, cause of me, the others didn't go for the first one that the driver intro-ed.
No loot photo ><

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