Friday, May 20, 2011


I think I am way too far behind from what I need to blog?

SO.. I shall just sumarise a little instead?

25th April 2010. Monday

Finally started editing HD assignment, good job :D
But, even though I was the editor, I think Waine edited more than what I am supposed to. ><
SORRY AH BOY. aiyoh, doubt he will see this though.


Watched "A Chinese Ghost Story"
I always liked qian nu you hun, so yah.
For jellybean, he went to watch so he can see HIS Liu Yi Fei. LOL
okay, she's pretty. I like her too.

26th April & 27th April Tues and Wed.

So, I fell sick again. And took two days worth of MC.
Fever, flu & sorethroat with the endless headahces.

PEOPLE, remember to drink lots of water :D

Jellybean came to visit on both days <3 make me a happy girl!

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